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Weekly Update: ParJar Swap private beta, Fantom Opera Network Special-fee Contract, SelfKey + ThreeFold, Open Staking live on Harmony…– 15 May - 21 May'20

Weekly Update: ParJar Swap private beta, Fantom Opera Network Special-fee Contract, SelfKey + ThreeFold, Open Staking live on Harmony…– 15 May - 21 May'20
Hey Parachuters! Seems like ages since I last posted a weekly update, right? Unfortunately, got super busy with IRL work and couldn’t keep up. But fret not! I finally scraped some time out today to get upto speed with all the news from the Parachute universe in May and June and organised them into a series of weekly updates like the ones I used to write earlier. But instead of posting them one by one everyday, thought it might be best to release them all at one go. So here's Part I of VI - All that happened at Parachute + partners from 15 May - 21 May'20:

The ParJar swap feature beta testing started this week with a call to testers far and wide. Click here for the latest update and stats on ParJar straight from Cap's mouth - " took almost two years of betas and growth to reach 1 million tips (March 7th) nd it’s taken 2 months to to add another 400k..". Amazing! The #par4par raffle continues with a 500k $PAR pool. Peace Love hosted a general knowledge trivia in TTR this week for 10k $PAR in prizes. Gamerboy’s random trivia and Victor’s “Big Trivia” in Tiproom were quite fun as well. Naj (who’s also this week’s Parena winner) hosted a six set quiz in TTR. Charlotte’s been hosting quizzes in a new format for quite some time now. This week too she held one in Tiproom. Jason started a #culturalweekend prompt with an invitation to Parachuters to share "about a cultural dance or ceremony" from their area. "Explain in detail about the dance and why it is important" for some cool $PAR. Among many of the cool stories shared by Parachuters included Nico’s Occitan music from Italy and Soleira’s Dancing Devils of Tinaquillo. Congratulations to Clinton’s FLI charity for partnering with Lumenthropy which is Stellar's philanthropic arm. Remember, all profits from the Parachute Shop go to FLI. Another crypto league with a 150k $PAR prize pot started this week. Gian’s Two-For-Tuesday was a free for all. To revisit all the awesome music posted for 2FT, check out the playlist made by Sebastian.
Naj came back from near certain defeat in the finale to win this week’s Parena
aXpire CEO Matthew Markham penned an article on remote work and billing software for legal firms. An updated e-flyer for Bilr was released as well. To track the latest $AXPR burn, click here. 2gether added customer support capabilities to their Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Plus, an incident tracker status page was added this week. The XIO dApp which is still in private beta has already seen 500k+ $XIO tokens locked into it. Awesome! To get a feel of how the dApp works, check out Dash’s latest video demo where he also shared some updates on tokenomics. Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis interviewed Dash over an hour long session to talk all things XIO. $XIO got listed on Idex. Click here to watch an update video on the latest developments. For XIO discussions this week, Citizens brainstormed over the base liquidity pair on Uniswap V2. DeFi Nation’s Clayton Roche wrote a detailed commentary on what XIO is doing right. Birdchain’s mid-May update came out this week. Voyager hosted a business update conference call this week. CEO Steve Ehrlich talked about the platform and crypto in general with Charlie Shrem on the Untold Stories podcast this week. Voyager’s Q3 2020 results were released. Still figuring out how to fund your Voyager wallet? Watch this video to find out. An upgrade to Fantom’s Opera Network was pushed which allows staking different amounts over time. For the latest project update, click here. A community AMA also happened this week where the team talked about a new staking proposal called Fluid Staking. Jeff from Uptrennd sat down to interview IOST co-founder Terry Wang this week. Uptrennd broke into the top 20k Alexa global rankings. Woohoo! GET Protocol’s GUTS Tickets app is now available in Italian as well. DoYourTip’s $DYT is now available on Uniswap V2.
What a welcome sight for support engineers. Source:
Switch’s $ESH token was listed on Stex, ProBit, Crex 24, Hotbit, Bilaxy and this week. also announced support for the $GHOST airdrop along with a deposit and trade competition. Continuing on its acquisition spree from last week, Switch acquired gaming platform Wavesbet and voting dApp ClearPoll. Whitepaper for the GHOST project by John McAfee was released. They will be airdropping their tokens 1:1 to $ESH HODLers on the 25th. The release of $GHOST has been contentious to say the least. Reflecting on some of the plagiarism allegations levelled against the project, the crew shared their side of the story. The team also sat down for an AMA with Coiner Vietnam. District0x’s latest weekly update talked about the upcoming DappDigest and new developments in Meme Factory among other news. The Q4 2019 quarterly report was released as well. Read all about Hydro’s Financial Offers framework here. If you are a graphic designer, don’t forget to check out this gig at Sentivate. US-residents only. OST’s Simona Pop will be attending a panel discussion by Outlier Ventures next week to talk about dev onboarding. P2P internet ecosystem ThreeFold announced a multi-faceted partnership with SelfKey for KYC and new user onboarding services. Following last week's community vote on the most attractive marketplaces, Passports Marketplace was found to be the most popular. This week, the community voted on their most preferred blockchain to be added to the app. Bank of Hodlers joined SelfKey's Loans Marketplace while joined the Exchanges Marketplace. COTI did a study on IoT payments and how it could offer a solution. The project was selected for the next listing vote on COTI community also got an opportunity to interact with the AtomicWallet team through an AMA this week.
Hydro has been constantly updating its dev tools to offer a seamless developer experience
Click here to read the latest Constellation Hypergraph mainnet stats. New features were added to the Molly wallet. Click here for steps to install the wallet. TheDailyChain expanded on how the $DAG ecosystem was growing. Pynk CEO Seth Ward wrote about the future of fintech in his EM360 article. Congratulations on crossing the 1k follower mark on Medium. In Shuffle Monster news, most of the $SHUF liquidity on Uniswap was moved to the V2 pool this week. New features were added to the Wibson app with the latest release giving more data control powers to the end user. Pre-staking started on the Harmony mainnet with the opening up of bids by validators followed by the election of the first batch of validators thereby marking the start of Open Staking. And just after, Harmony became the first ever blockchain to support sharded PoS. The news of Open Staking going live was covered by Coindesk and Cointelegraph. More details on what next was shared in a Coinspeaker article. How does a delegator fit into the overall scheme of things? Check out this video. Open staking noobs will find these 101 tutorials helpful. CTO Rongjian Lan also did a community call to explain about it. For the latest development updates otherwise known as #pow thread, click here. Harmony’s EPoS is designed to be fair to all stakers. So make sure to optimise your staking rewards. $ONE Binance wallets were taken down briefly for a temporary maintenance activity. They now support the mainnet coin. Hope you had a chance to participate in the guess-effective-median-stake contest to win some cool $ONE prizes. Click here for the latest staking stats. $ONE was added to Binance Savings which offers a fixed rate of return on locked savings. A minor bug in the staking bug was removed. The APR numbers should get calculated more accurately now. The crew appeared for an AMA with StakingHub. Congratulations to the winners of Stake Heist! Binance and BitMax announced support for staking with BItMax crew also appearing for an AMA. IntelliShare crew sat down for an AMA with CoinNess this week.

And with that, we have to close for this week in the Parachuteverse! See you again with another update. Ciao!
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Weekly Update: Welcome $INE to ParJar, 130k tips in 24 hours, XIO Startups Round I, Constellation mainnet... – 22 Nov - 28 Nov'19

Weekly Update: Welcome $INE to ParJar, 130k tips in 24 hours, XIO Startups Round I, Constellation mainnet... – 22 Nov - 28 Nov'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (22 Nov - 28 Nov'19):

In this week’s Parena, Light's Nervous Nightingale took home the grand prize of 25k $PAR. Here’s Cap and Ice at a Chainlink Offchain Protocol event to spread the word on ParJar. Benjamin hosted a trivia in TTR based on the 3rd edition of his "Foundations of Fantom" series. Chris will be hosting a Thanksgiving Fantasy Football contest next week with a 100k $PAR pot. Hot damn! This week’s Two-for-Tuesday by Gian had the theme: units of time. Cool! TTR embarked on a crazy tipping adventure that could have broken Telegram. With 150k $PAR on the line, it’s amazing how robustly ParJar performed amidst this madness. By the end of the day, they reached 130k tips. Amazeballs! Charlotte’s Math trivia was fun as always. In the latest #PFFL update shared by Andy, the folks who are into the playoffs are Hang, Clinton, Alexis, Andy and Chris. Nilz, Ken, Kamo, Connor and Cap will be clashing for the remaining playoff spot. In the #FPL update for Game Week 13 shared by LordHades, LH is still leading the table with NovelCloud and Alexis following closely behind. Doc Vic (from Cuba) hosted another Champions League wager in TTR this week. $INE, the native token of IntelliShare project, was added to ParJar this week. Welcome! For more on what’s in store for ParJar, make sure to read Cap’s biweekly digestive.
Lolarious stuff from Tito. Haha!
aXpire’s Bilr intro video explains how the platform works. The latest updates from the project can be seen here. This week’s $AXPR burn saw 20k tokens sent to the genesis address. CEO Gary Markham will be speaking at a Hedge Fund Association event on Digital Assets on the 11th of December in NYC. The new website is out as well. Few weeks back, 2gether CEO Ramón Ferraz attended a Cecabank event on Securities as a speaker which was covered by the news outlet Expansión. Here's the full article. And thanks guys for the shoutout to my Hackernoon article (which I wrote with my co-author Rohit) on 5 Must Have Crypto Asset Management Tools. Founding Partner Luis Estrada travelled to the Fintech Innovation Summit 2019 to talk all things crypto and blockchain. The first group of potential XIO incubatees were revealed this week. Both are familiar names for Parachuters. They are Uptrennd and Opacity. Voting will begin on the 6th of December. Learn more about Round One from Zachary’s explainer video and email. An early sentiment poll of $1UP vs $OPQ was also put up. This led to an interesting consideration: should all nominated startups be stakeable instead of making it a competition. Did you know the USD value of total $BOMB tokens burned till date was ~144k. That is insane! The first $XIO liquidity pool on Uniswap was also started this week. Watch the explainer video to see how it works. Looks like Shingo from Ethos will be dipping his feet in the pool too. This is essentially what Zachary refers to as Proof-of-Liquidity. In a bit of a sobering news, Wysker filed for bankruptcy last week. Running a startup is hard. Best wishes from the Parachute crew on your next journey. As a Black Friday Surprise, referral earnings on Birdchain will be more over this weekend. For other updates, watch the video by CEO Joao Martins.
The $XIO liquidity pool on Uniswap is a pretty ingenious solution for low marketcap projects
Few weeks back, we had shared that Fantom was hosting a blockchain challenge at the AfricArena 2019 Summit with XAR Network. Here’s a summary from the contest. Congratulations to HouseAfrica. The BUIDL contest announced few weeks back was expanded to increase the prize pool and include developers working on the Cosmos stack as well. Click here for the latest technical update. The Afghan Ministry of Health will be using Fantom's public chain to fight the menace of counterfeit drugs and for other public health initiatives. Read more about it here. The news was covered by Coinspeaker, CryptoDiffer, Gagarin News, ICO Analytics and Upblock. Upblock’s review report on the project (along with an $FTM giveway) was also published this week. Anybody still unclear with what Fantom does should definitely see this video made by Blockcove and read the Fantom Vision by CMO Michael Chen. In light of Uptrennd’s nomination to the XIO Incubator Round I, founder Jeff Kirdeikis hosted an AMA. Original Content is always appreciated on the platform and the video guide explains how to create one. When you rank up on the platform, your points get locked. 30% of all those locked up points are burned each month to increase scarcity. The 2020 roadmap looks exciting! An Opacity Economic Advisory Board will be set up soon to explore optimisation of $OPQ tokenomics. Read more about it here. The Hydro crew travelled to a FinTech Friday event hosted by Barclays in NYC this week. Check out the latest Hydro Labs dev update here. The project is one of the semi-finalists at MassChallenge FinTech to be held in December. Good Luck! PayTrie is the latest dApp to join the Hydro dApp store as a 3rd party partner. For the latest update on the store, click here.
Potluck at Hydro HQ on Thanksgiving
As part of Silent Notary’s new marketing push, the first advertising campaign kick started on and And another feature on The Bitcoin News. Don’t forget to make a note of the updates in $SNTR Telegram channels. As mentioned last week, Sentivate crew sat down for an AMA with The Gem Hunters this week. Here’s the transcript. P.S. It includes the first glimpse of Artifacts as promised. Click here and here for the first glimpses of the Mycro Hunter app. OST is looking for a Senior Product Manager to join their crew. Apply if you’re up for it. SelfKey fans, make sure to vote for your favourite dashboard setup on the platform. The team, travelled to the Asia Cryptocurrency Investment Forum in Bangkok this week. Hope you had an opportunity to say Hi if you were around. The Constellation mainnet, Hypergraph, will launch soon. But what happens to your ERC20 $DAG tokens? Fret not. The team will put out detailed instructions for the swap to mainnet. Here's an article and video to start with. VP Finance Mateo Gold goes into more details of the swap. New to Constellation? Watch this community-made video that explains what the project is all about. Like Fantom, Upblock also published a detailed review report on Constellation. Their AMA with Chainlink was this week. Next week’s Arena Match Raffle is sponsored by Space Misfits.
Winner of the next Arena Match Raffle will take home The Behemoth Blueprint worth ~USD 300
Catch up on the latest on District0x from the District Weekly. The District Registry was deployed to mainnet and has been running without hiccups. Read more about it in the Dev Update. The Nasdaq Composite was added to Pynk’s price prediction platform this week. Congratulations to Van P for winning the first Shuffle Raffle built by Trooper George. Harmony’s BEP2-ERC20 bridge now works both ways. The results of the 3 month survey from MBA researchers of UW Foster School exploring market readiness of Harmony are out. They indicate that the Credit Unions, Trade Finance and Mobile Data industries are ripe for disruption by Harmony. Go get’em! Harmony's Pangaea, an experimental game to interact with Harmony, development is progressing as scheduled. Harmony is now integrated with the IncognitoChain project which allows cryptocurrencies to be transacted privately using sidechains. Even those cryptos which are not primarily built as privacy coins. Noice! Click here to find out how to transact $ONE tokens privately. CEO Stephen Tse’s yearly review of updates will be a lifesaver for anyone who’s missed all Harmony news so far.

And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again soon. Cheers!
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Weekly Update: ParJar hits 1k, aXpire appeal to PAR fam, Fantom crushing it, 2gether presale... - 15 Mar - 21 Mar'19

Weekly Update: ParJar hits 1k, aXpire appeal to PAR fam, Fantom crushing it, 2gether presale... - 15 Mar - 21 Mar'19
Sup Guys! Here’s another detailed update for the week that was at Parachute (15-21 Mar’19):

We reached 1000 members in ParJar this week! This called for a celebration Parena. And games master Jason answered the call with a battlefest like never before. Alexis beat FwBastille in a long and bloody finale to take home a big chunk from the 300k PAR pot. March Madness is now live! Hope you made good picks. Brackets are locked and now visible. 475k PAR is on the table. If you want to watch the tourney, stream here. Parachute + aXpire hosted DoTA 2 competition is still open for entries. 1.25M PAR + 10k AXPR on the line. Get in! Click here for more details. The teams will play on 6th April 8 PM EST. Did you make your entry for the charity Parena yet? It will be held on 14 April and is a buy-in Parena. Make a minimum 5 USD donation to Clinton’s charity either through ParJar (tip Clinton) or directly (share proof with Jason) and stand a chance to win a unique t-shirt.
Alexis’ Shrike’s journey to victory in the 1k celebration Parena
aXpire has officially entered the prestigious list of tokens (“The Pool”) that will be voted on for listing on Ethfinex (voting starts on 2nd April). aXpire calls on the Parachute community to help them get over the final hurdle. You’ll need EVTs (Ethfinex Voting Tokens) to vote for aXpire. Check out this article on how to get EVT. aXpire will rebate the community for their ETH spent on EVT voted. Make sure to submit details of your EVT purchase and vote to get the rebate. Also, there's an additional draw for a chance to win 1000 USD in AXPR for voters. Details here. Let’s do this folks! Let’s get on Ethfinex! In more aXpire news, 10k more AXPR was burnt as part of the weekly burn event. Still figuring out, how to use MatchBX to find work? Have a look at this cool infographic to get your questions answered. aXpire was listed on Blockfolio signals this week. All Blockfolio users who track AXPR or have it added to their portfolio will now get updates from the team through push notifications. At aXpire, the team strives to make a positive dent on the world. Here’s their positive dent for this week: Visiting SOS Children’s Villages in India. Pictures from the event coming soon!
The Pool. Get voting, folks!
This has been the biggest week at 2gether yet! Let’s see if I can cover it all in one paragraph. 2gether took part in a pitching contest at CryptoMondays Madrid for tickets to Paris Blockchain Week and won! The winner was determined by the audience. Here’s a few pics from the event. 2gether’s Eurozone expansion beyond Spain was featured on Coindesk and shared by FinTech Futures. Crypto Zombie also featured the card in his video around the 19:27 mark. Some more notable features were on and BlockTV. The presale ANN also went up this week! Get in on the discussion. A good question or thoughtful post on BCT can earn you some sweet 2GB from their admins on TG. Did you know that participating in the presale could entitle you to some great bonuses? Check them out here. 2gether CEO Ramon was interviewed by Forbes radio a few weeks back. The interview is out now. Spanish speakers, have a listen. Plus, 2gether is launching an ambassador program for its most loyal users in Eurozone. If you’re interested, fill out this form and the team will connect to you. Whew! All fitted in one paragraph. Done.
A bank so efficient that it returns revenue to customers. Only at 2gether!
Like always, Fantom has been killing it! Chico Crypto reviewed Fantom in a 10 minute long video explaining its DAG structure. Look out for the lambo at 8:29 mark. Crypto Surge’s review of Fantom came out this week as well. Fantom joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative for which they received the V-Label. This label certifies that the project team is itself updating and maintaining its information on Binance Info. Transparency FTW! Fantom CEO Dr. Ahn presented at the WeGO Activities Briefing Session to municipal representatives from member cities of WeGO. He explained how Fantom could help development of smart cities in his presentation. Crypto researcher Jonathan Habicht published a review report of FTM. They scored 55/76. Pretty awesome! Axsonex’s project report on Fantom was also released. Here’s their tweet on it. And finally, Fantom was listed on Digifinex on the 19th. What a way to cap off the week!
Confused? Check out Chico Crypto’s Fantom Review to learn more
All XENB holders received the XEN profit sharing token this week. XENB is obsolete now that we all have our XEN. Woot! Trading gurus, get ready for the battle of the bots competition on 6th and 7th April. Top trading algos will make a ton of XEN plus some fiat (to buy more XEN. Haha). You can read about details of the competition here. Plus, there’s an ongoing bug bounty program to make even more XEN. Dean Papas from ETC Labs explained these giveaways in his Explore the Chain video at 1:46 mark. Keith Koo from the radio show 'Silicon Valley Insider' interviewed Shuvro and Brian on how the Cryzen platform functions. Check out the podcast here.
Can you spot Shuvro & Brian in this pic with Vijay Ullal, Seabed VC, addressing the ETC Labs cohort?
Now onto some news from our newest partners! Blockport enabled ETH and BPT deposits this week. Plus, a new partnership with TUSD was announced in preparation for their upcoming STO. Opacity-ParJar partnership has been rocking the show! A ton of OPQ was tipped to new members in the run up to 3k members in Opacity TG. Plus, a number of updates are listed in their March interim report: upcoming CCN interview, team changes etc. Have a read to know more. Check out District0x’s weekly update and dev report to get a lowdown on all that’s been happening over there. Here’s a few highlights: a set of new commands have been deployed in their TG to get quick info on the network and districts, tons of bugs solved in Meme Factory, District Registry development on course.
In addition to security + privacy advantages, Opacity also offers price advantage
BOMB, BPT and BNTY were listed on ETHOS this week with the latest ETHOS update. WandX founder Abhinav pushed a ton of updates this week. A number of Wanchain and AION smart contracts were deployed to mainnet. Updates to the desktop app will be in realtime so that there’s no need to download the app multiple times. The contracts have been open sourced here and here. Check out a few ways to earn on Uptrennd from this post. And did you know that Uptrennd commands a greater rate of attention than most social media giants? This post from Uptrennd founder Jeff lays it all out. Horizon State founder Nimo Naamani travelled to the ADC Global Blockchain Summit this week to talk about a range of issues from education to the future of organisations. Check out the pictures here and here. And finally, the latest Decentralized WednesdayClub (WED based social network) is in live beta now. A ton of new features have been added. Make sure to post something there and Mike will airdrop some WED (by liking your post). Read more on their weekly Reddit airdrop post.

And with that, it’s a wrap for this week at Parachute. See you soon with another weekly update. Keep Parachuting, keep rocking!
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such beginner shibe thread wow how to get coin

 how to shibecoin v rich in minutes much instruct so simple any doge can do 


UPDATE 1/21/14: I'm not updating this guide anymore. Most of the steps should still work though. See the wiki or check the sidebar for updated instructions.
Before you do anything else, you need to get a wallet. Until there's a secure online wallet, this means you need to download the dogecoin client.
Now open the client you just downloaded. You'll be given a default address automatically, and it should connect to peers and start downloading the dogechain (aka blockchain in formal speak). You'll know because there will be a progress bar at the bottom and at the lower right there should be a signal strength icon (TODO: add screenshots).
If you've waited 2 or 3 minutes and nothing is happening, copy this:
maxconnections=100 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=miner.coinedup.comdoge addnode= addnode= addnode= 
And paste it into a new text file called dogecoin.conf, which you then place into the dogecoin app directory.
Now restart your qt client and the blockchain should start downloading in about 1-2 minutes.
Once it finished downloading, you're ready to send and receive Dogecoins!


Decide how you want to get Dogecoin. Your options are:
I'll go into detail about each of these. I'm currently writing this out. I'll make edits as I add sections. Suggestions are welcome.


Mining is how new dogecoins are created. If you're new to crypto currencies, read this. To mine (also called "digging"), a computer with a decent GPU (graphics card) is recommended. You can also mine with your CPU, but it's not as efficient.


These instructions cover only Windows for now. To mine, you'll need to figure out what GPU you have. It'll be either AMD/ATI or Nvidia. The setup for both is approximately the same.

Step One: Choose a pool

There's a list of pools on the wiki. For now it doesn't really matter which one you choose. You can easily switch later.
NOTE: You can mine in two ways. Solo mining is where you mine by yourself. When you find a block you get all the reward. Pool mining is when you team up with other miners to work on the same block together. This makes it more likely that you'll find a block, but you won't get all of it, you'll have to split it up with others according to your share of the work. Pool mining is recommended because it gives you frequent payouts, because you find more blocks. The larger the pool you join, the more frequent the payouts, but the smaller the reward you get.
Over a long period of time the difference between pool and solo mining goes away, but if you solo mine it might be months before you get any coins.

Step two: Set up pool account

The pool you chose should have a getting started page. Read it and follow the instructions. Instructions vary but the general idea is:
When you're done with this, you'll need to know:

Step three: Download mining software

For best performance you'll need the right mining software.
Unzip the download anywhere you want.

Step four: Set up miner

Create a text file in the same folder as your miner application. Inside, put the command you'll be running (remove brackets).
For AMD it's cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://: -u -p
For Nvidia it's cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://: -O :
Substitute the right stuff in for the placeholders. Then on the next line of the text file type pause. This will let you see any errors that you get. Then save the file with any name you want, as long as the file extension is .bat. For example mine_serverName.bat.

Step five: Launch your miner

Just open the .bat file and a command line window should pop up, letting you know that the miner is starting. Once it starts, it should print out your hash rate.
If you now go to the pool website, the dashboard should start showing your hashrate. At first it'll be lower than what it says in the miner, but that's because the dashboard is taking a 5 minute average. It'll catch up soon enough.
NOTE: A normal hashrate is between 50 Kh/s up to even 1 Mh/s depending on your GPU.

You're now mining Dogecoins

That's it, nothing more to it.


CPU mining isn't really recommended, because you'll be spending a lot on more on power than you'd make from mining Dogecoin. You could better spend that money on buying Dogecoin by trading. But if you have free electricity and want to try it out, check out this informative forum post.


Trading has been difficult so far, but Dogecoin just got added to a few new exchanges. If you don't have a giant mining rig, this is probably the best way to get 100k or more dogecoins at the moment. I'll write up a more complete guide, but for now check out these sites:


Faucets are sites that give out free coins. Usually a site will give out somewhere between 1 and 100 Dogecoin. Every site has its own time limits, but usually you can only receive coins once every few hours, or in some cases, days. It's a great way to get started. All you do is copy your address from the receive section of your wallet and enter it on some faucet sites. Check out /dogecoinfaucets for more. If you go to each site on there you might end up with a couple hundred Dogecoin!


This method is pretty straightforward. Post your receiving address, and ask for some coins. Such poor shibe. The only catch is, don't do it here! Please go to /dogecoinbeg.


At the moment there are two tip bots:
Other redditors can give you Dogecoin by summoning the tip bot, something like this:
+dogetipbot 5 doge
This might happen if you make a good post, or someone just wants to give out some coins. Once you receive a tip you have to accept it in a few days or else it'll get returned. Do this by following the instructions on the message you receive in your inbox. You reply to the bot with "+accept". Commands go in the message body. Once you do that, the bot will create a tipping address for you, and you can use the links in the message you receive to see your info, withdraw coins to your dogecoin-qt wallet, see your history, and a bunch of other stuff.
As a bonus, so_doge_tip has a feature where you can get some Dogecoins to start with in exchange for how much karma you have. To do this, send the message "+redeem DOGE" to so_doge_tip. You'll need to create a tipping account if you don't have one.
If you want to create a tipping account without ever being tipped first, message either of the bots with "+register" and an address will be created for you.


  • 1/21/14 - Added note about this thread no longer being updated
  • 1/21/14 - Changed wallet links to official site
  • 12/27/13 - Added 1.3 wallet-qt links
  • 12/21/13 - Added new windows 1.2 wallet link
  • 12/20/13 - Fixed +redeem text
  • 12/18/13 - Added short blurb on trading.
  • 12/18/13 - Updated cudaminer to new version (
  • 12/18/13 - Fixed +redeem link
  • 12/18/13 - Updates dogecoin.conf, from here.
  • 12/17/13 - Linked to mining explanation.
  • 12/17/13 - Added link to CPU mining tutorial, in response to this.
  • 12/16/13 - Added links to tip commands, link to dogetipbot wiki.
  • 12/16/13 - Note about tip commands going in body, in response to this.
  • 12/16/13 - Added link to cgminer mirror, thanks to scubasteve812 and thanks to Bagrisham.
  • 12/16/13 - Note about removing brackets in response to this.
  • 12/15/13 - Fixed hash rate as per this comment, thanks lleti
  • 12/15/13 - Added info for all other ways of getting money, except for trading (placeholder for now)
  • 12/15/13 - Added windows GPU mining instructions 12/15/13 - Added wallet instructions, list of how to get money
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How to get free BCH, BTG, BTX, CLAM, SBTC, BCD, BTP and BTN and cash them out

*EDIT: a new version of this guide, multilingual and featuring a wallet checker (input your IP, see what you can fork and how much it is worth) is available at *

Dear you all! I have been following closely the airdrops and especially the forks of the last month or so, and I am proud to announce I have just successfully claimed (&cashed) my BTF and my BTW. After claiming (&cashing), in order, BCH, BTG, BTX, CLAM, SBTC, BCD. Like most of you, if you are reading this, I am still looking for a solution for B2X, and I have also claimed but have so far been unable to cash out BTP and BTN.
*EDIT: Now created, transferred and cashed B2X, BTP and BTN - See EDIT at the end of the post
While doing all this, I did notice a couple of things: 1- It is extremely hard to find proper information about the forks (here’s a good starting point though: ) 2- There are significant security risks involved with these procedures
I will try my best to try and explain you what I did, while also offering a service to do it for you for a fair fee if you still can’t do it/don’t feel safe doing it.
Here we go:
INTRO Before you start this, ask yourself a very important question: do I understand what I am doing? If the answer is YES, then you should have your private keys and you are good to skip the intro. Let me try to make this short and easy: you have some bitcoins, somewhere. In some cases you have direct access to the keys (LEDGER*, blockchain…), in other instances you don’t (crypto held on exchanges). If you DO have access to those keys, you need to do two extremely important things:
1- Write it down 2- Move your whole balance to another wallet/address
Please note that if you fail to implement number 2, any hacker claiming to “do this for you” will steal your bitcoins. As simple as that. No matter what you are claiming, taking the risk won’t be worth it, so MOVE YOUR BITCOINS from the address you stored the private keys of.
Please note: how much you can claim depends on how much was on the wallet you will be sweeping from at the time of the fork. Considering that the blockchain is free for everyone to explore, you can figure this out easily. In most cases, a blockchain explorer could help you know how much your keys are worth before you sweep them. Be aware that the maths are MORE OR LESS these: are you holding 5+ BTC since 2017 (the further the better)? Congrats, you are in for some real money. Conversely, if you have been holding <1 bitcoin you are probably just losing your time as whatever you’ll get won’t meet the thresholds for minimum transfers anyway (unless we are talking BTG and BCH, good luck with that).
Download COINOMI on your android ( Open coinomi and set it up (create a wallet and write down details, thank yourself later) Now add BCH, BTG, BTX, CLAM as coins to your wallet and then claim them one by one in the same order To claim, go inside the coin’s screen and click the three dots on the top right of the page —> Sweep wallet (repeat for all coins)
Download these two apps on your android: BITHER, BITPIE ( / Open and setup both apps (create a wallet and write down details, thank yourself later) Now open BITHER and click the settings icon (top right), then ADVANCED OPTIONS —> IMPORT PRIVATE KEY —> FROM PRIVATE KEY TEXT (Important; use the "FROM PRIVATE KEY TEXT" option, NOT the one with the BITHER key!) to claim, go ADVANCED OPTIONS —> GET FORK COINS and take it from there (your private keys should have been imported and should show you how much they have on them (SBTC, BCD, BTF, BTW, BTP, BTN) At this point, all you need to do is to tell BITHER to transfer the free coins to a corresponding BITPIE address
PART 1/c - CLAIMING - DIG WALLETING SERVICES (UNTESTED) (BCH,BTG,SBTC,BCD,BTF,UBTC,B2X,BCX) Today I also chanced upon a site ( ) , which gives a nice picture of the forks. Apparently, they also have an automatic “digger” that charges 10% to transfer the forked coins to a (fork) wallet of your choice. I have tried to test with UTBC but it told me I had no coins, which might actually be true. Some users on bitcointalk report success, so feel free to try with small amounts and see if it works for you. Please note they take a commission on the CLAIMING part, while, at least to my understanding, COINOMI and BITHER do not (even though BITHER forces you to transfer to a BITPIE address).
If you got this far and you now have a balance in any of the coins above, you should immediately transfer the “real” coins (BCH/BTG) out to a reputable exchange/wallet (not that I do not trust Coinomi but you never know), and try to convert the rest to a proper coin before moving it in bulk to an address of your choice. Apart from Coinomi, this is where it gets tricky. A lot of those coins are only listed on some obscure Chinese exchanges and it’s hard to even understand what the value of the coin is since it varies widely from one to the other. Some of those coins MIGHT one day make it to a major exchange, granted, but personally I couldn’t wait to dump all of them (I regret doing so with BTX though). So I went through the whole verification/blind trust process required by the shady sites and… I got my free coins converted into actual BTC/LTC. On that note, it must be noted that not content with applying daylight robbery fees the exchanges also require a minimum amount for you to be able to withdraw (and a verification with ID in some cases). Here is what I did and how it went: I got accounts on GATE.IO - BIT-Z.COM - BTCTRADE.IM* and somewhat made my money get out of there and safely into my ledger. Would I recommend those exchanges? Well… Personally I have nothing but praise for GATE.IO and BIT-Z.COM - They accepted my transfers speedily and I could trade and withdraw easily - no verification needed. As for BTCTRADE.IM, it did require verification and is by far the slowest of them all, but since I got money out (in the end) I can’t complain for the time being.
Note: problems getting verified with Read this :
PART 3 - DO YOU NEED HELP? Some of you will laugh at my deal, since they are smart, tech savvy and are running several nodes of all the existing forked chains from a computer in their basement, interacting with the exchanges via API only. However, I expect the vast majority of you to be able to arrive to part 2 but then get stuck at moving the money to the Chinese exchanges. Let me reiterate that they worked for me, so I’d generally recommend them. In case you do NOT want to try and get through that yourself, I would like to help! Here is how:
PM to get in touch Transfer the forked coins to my bitpie/btctrade/ addresses Wait for me to receive, transfer to the exchange, change it into LTC/BTC/BCH and send it back to you, minus a fee**
Please note that some transfers take time, and this is independent of me. I will, however, send you all the transaction details as I do the operations so that you can track it yourself.
*QUICK REMINDERS: BTCTRADE.IM withdrawal fee: btc: 0.001 BCH: 0.001
BITPIE EXCHANGE: BTF/BTW need 120 confirmations to transfer from bitpie to the exchange (my first BTF transfer took nearly 32 hours, BTW took 20)- you will be able to monitor that from your own bitpie wallet and you can ping me when it hits the magic number.
GATE.IO and BIT-Z.COM are faster (10+ confirmations I think) so I should use them if possible (depending on coin deposit availability).
**FEES You can check the value of the coins on the exchanges to get a rough idea of how much your coins are worth - I will send you all the transactions anyway but please do your research. Sometimes coins have high value on exchanges where deposits are not accepted, for instance, and tend to drop sharply in value as soon as the gates are opened. Depending on how much I will be moving for you, these are my fees: 5% (>2000 USD worth) 10% (between 500 and 1999 USD worth) 50 USD (<500 USD worth)
Oh and one last thing… Why would you trust me? If nothing, for the simple reason that I honestly told you exactly HOW to get the forked money and through which exchanges I cashed it out. I simply wrote the post that I wish I had found when I started doing this, and I hope that some of you will be lazy enough to use me for the most complicated part of the deal, giving me something in the process. If I get nothing out of it, I will be fine and happy to have spread some knowledge anyway!
EDIT 1 - 12:48 GMT 25-01-2018
I have tried DIG WALLETING (affiliate link: NON affiliate link: and they did a great job. The hard part, as usual, was to have a proper address to transfer them to. Anyway... Now claimed and cashed UBTC as well as B2X ( & respectively - thanks #hniball)
Bither & Bitpie opened the exchange (on Bitpie). The process is a bit convoluted and you need to transfer the money in and out of the "pie bank" in order to dump. Prices are tanking fast and it takes hours to even transfer the money. Astronomical fees, but it worked and I cashed out BTP and BTF in BCH. Fun fact: I thought I had 5k USD in BTP (according to the BITPIE wallet). They eventually turned out to be 0.05 BCH (Thanks, BITPIE exchange). Reality check...
Given what I know now, I'd advise to use DIG WALLETING to send the forkcoins directly to my BITPIE addresses if you want me to do it for you (or send me the seed once you have emptied the wallet, that would work too). But, as usual, you are more than welcome to do it on your own.
•BTC tip jar: 1BEAADXCk3ng2ZRsinHmwVyZQf1Vu9AcDj
•LTC tip jar: LYT1sbotLuUtU5v5r9uEu61xoGpJ1s4aau
EDIT 2 - 01:21 GMT 5-03-2018
Here is more explanations about the forks: A cryptoforker's guide to free money
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Fun BCH tips and ideas!

BCH Fun Tip #1 - Tape a BCH Paper Wallet to the back of your TV and when it dies in the future you already started a fund for a new one. Who knows it could be enough for a new one in the future?
BCH Fun Tip #2 - Hide some BCH paper wallets around the home with small amounts. Find these paper wallets in the future to put a smile on your face when you see what it’s worth.
BCH Fun Tip #3 - When giving BCH to family make sure to have a back up of the private keys as they will for sure lose them and blame you for it.
BCH Fun Tip #4 - If you have to give a gift to someone you hate and they don’t understand cryptocurrencies then give them a BCH paper wallet with some money on it. They’ll for sure lose the paper wallet and you can gloat to them how much they have lost in the future.
BCH Fun Tip #5 - Leave obvious paper wallets around your home or computer as traps to see if someone is stealing your coins. Bookmark the block explorer for those and check it regularly.
BCH Fun Tip #6 - BCH works well for allowance money. Set BCH amounts for each chore for the kids to do and gift them it in a wallet app or a paper wallet piggy bank. When they want to cash it out transfer it to your Bitcoin Cash wallet and buy the thing they want with it. This way you get to keep the Bitcoin Cash and they learn about money. If you have many kids they can even exchange it with each other if they don’t want to do a certain chore.
BCH Fun Tip #7 - If you have to pay your friends back offer to pay them in BCH so they too can get on the action. And when it’s time for them to pay you back ask for it in BCH.
BCH Fun Tip #8 - Have a problem losing your wallet, phone, keys, or even dog? Attach a BCH public address to them to prove that there is a reward for there safe return. Just don’t lose the private key for the reward money!
BCH Fun Tip #9 - To piss off your friends when giving them a gift make a paper BCH wallet and load it up. Then cut the wallet into small piece and place them in jar. Don’t make the pieces too small! Now they have a puzzle to solve with a reward!
BCH Fun Tip #10 - Tape a BCH public address somewhere in your car so your friends can send you gas money. If you drive for Uber and sell snacks or want tips tape a BCH public address to the back of your seat.
BCH Fun Tip #11 - Have a hard time saving up for things? Create a want list with BCH public key QR codes on it and hang it on your fridge. When you have extra money convert it to BCH and send it to those public keys on your fridge. This keeps you from spending the money on useless things and feels good to contribute to your goals.
BCH Fun Tip #12 - Want to quit smoking? Buy BCH instead of buying those cigarettes.
Love to hear other tips that you might have to add to this list.
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Introducing Litecoin as base currency - Huge Bisq/Bitsquare update - Check out v0.5.1

This release comes with tons of changes and improvements.
Please download at:
Most relevant changes are:
Please see the full release notes below.
As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions. It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version.
If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory. You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.
Please double check with cmd+e in the old application if no funds are left over (some bugs might have caused that the balance displayed in the UI is not correct).
Please use small amounts when starting trading in the new application as with so many changes there are some risks for bugs (though it is thoroughly tested).
Release notes:
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Monero FAQ

Hi, it’s some weeks that I’m getting into Monero and I really see a great future for it. My problem is that I have a very low budget so my mining capability is a joke (around 80 h/s). I cannot help this coin to grow by mining it, so I’m making this FAQ hoping that can be useful for new users. If you want to support me, the tip jar is at the end of this post. Thank you!
I noticed a lot of confusion around Monero. Many of the most asked question are basically the same , so I collected some of them from /monero, /moneromining and monero.stackexchange and I made this Monero Faq. Please feel free to suggest any new frequently asked question or correction/modification/ (also about the grammar, my english is not very good), i’d like to keep this post updated.
Last update: 1/03/2017

Where can I find a good mining pool?


Is Minergate good for mining?

Minergate is known for being linked to Bytecoin (read here and here ) and many users are noticing lower or differences in hashrates when using other miners (just make a research using the word “minergate” here on reddit). don’t be fooled by the nice graphical interface.

What miner should I use?

CPU: XMR-Stak (Windows-Linux) CpuMiner by tpruvot (Windows, Linux), CpuMiner By Wolf, xmr-stak (MacOS) and cpuminer(MacOS) By correcthorse
GPU: XMR-stak (AMD), Ccminer (nVidia) by KlausT, Claymore's CryptoNote GPU Miner (AMD)
If you are a Windows user read this

Does it worth to mine monero?

You can check by yourself using these tools:
XMBTC charts:

How can I calculate my CPU or GPU capability of mining?

Check this link for CPU & GPU Benchmark

Can I use a proxy for mining?

I personally use XMR Proxy. If you want to monitor your rigs you can use Monero Mining Monitor

How can I setup a local wallet without running a node?

How to get a wallet without running a node

Can I run monero through Tor?

Guide to use monero with Tor correctly
Monero safety through Tor

or i2p?

Why we chose i2p over Tor

What type of wallet exists?


How long take to sync to the blockchain?

It can take from few hours (using SSD drive) or even 24 hours, depending on hard drive and connection speed

How do I generate a QR-code for a Monero address?

How do I generate a QR code for a Monero address for a personalized code

How can I buy some Monero coins?


How do I use the Monero GUI?


How do I connect to a remote node using the GUI?

Connect GUI wallet to remote node on network

Where can I follow updates and/or make questions about Monero?


More useful links:

My address for donations: 48DYna5JiDrHz5xkcoSii4WzFNXLzCFjkPPugp7XNZ1N6v8NUhjaC6Sf1BEBEJ35JaJAYKK4XGc2ZEKGeEQ2ySDmFDZdAHy
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Huge Bisq/Bitsquare update - Check out v0.5.1

This release comes with tons of changes and improvements.
Please download at:
Most relevant changes are:
Please see the full release notes below.
As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions. It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version.
If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory. You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.
Please double check with cmd+e in the old application if no funds are left over (some bugs might have caused that the balance displayed in the UI is not correct).
Please use small amounts when starting trading in the new application as with so many changes there are some risks for bugs (though it is thoroughly tested).
Release notes:
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Introducing DOGE as base currency - Huge Bisq/Bitsquare update - Check out v0.5.1

This release comes with tons of changes and improvements.
Please download at:
Most relevant changes are:
Please see the full release notes below.
As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions. It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version.
If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory. You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.
Please double check with cmd+e in the old application if no funds are left over (some bugs might have caused that the balance displayed in the UI is not correct).
Please use small amounts when starting trading in the new application as with so many changes there are some risks for bugs (though it is thoroughly tested).
Release notes:
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Satan's Fun-House P2

Before you read this. Please read part 1 -
June 15, 2018
7:50 AM
He guys I just woke up and I checked my chats from X but before we get to those I want to clarify a few things. The deep web and the dark web are two sides of the same coin, the deep web is just more illegal things then the dark web. Depending on what site you go to tells you which you’re on. Let’s say I go to Satan’s Fun-house, as that’s a mutilation site hats the dark web. Now let’s say you go to a cocaine selling site that’s the deep web. Let’s say you go to a chatroom, deep web. Like I said two sides of the same coin, some people say they are the exact same thing, it’s just preference. And the reason I’m not going to the police is because technically the way I accessed the Deep/Dark web is illegal as it was hacking through other peoples’ computers stealing their IP address and going to the next, I don’t just do the normal IP scrambling I use other peoples’ IPs. Also one last thing. And yes I saw the comment about my IP address. You can track me using that but since most of the time I am offline right now, for obvious reasons, I am not too worried about it as I am constantly on the movie. But anyways, to the messages.
10:30 – X: We don’t like runners D3monic.
11:00 – X: D3monic come back.
12:30 – X: I’m sorry about that last message I just need to find you as a special guest for the Fun-house.
Those were from yesterday. I kind of crashed at like noon, passed out and woke up today. Since the rules of this Sub are updates must be 1k words or more, I’m going to type this up and post it tonight. Obviously, you can see that. But I’m saying this for my own sanity, I’m going completely insane here guys, I was the cause of death of my own parents. Anyways I’ll tell you guys more later. This will kind of be a journal type thing.
8:00 AM
Guys someone just walked into the abandoned house I’m at, it’s about 3 blocks from the McDonald’s I was going to go to so I could upload this. I was about to leave and head to a place to get something for breakfast, most likely Safeway or something like that. I’m typing inside of the hidey-hole I had found that’s just off to the side so it’s hard to see when just scanning the room it’s in. Hold on the footsteps are coming closer.
8:10 AM
That man, no not man, that…. Thing is horrific. It had scarred flesh all over, it had a deep raspy voice that said “D3monic come out come out wherever you are.” As it walked around. It stopped right in front of the hidey-hole I found and peered in. I had pressed myself on the wall next to the hole so he couldn’t see me. After he left the house I got a message that stated simply.
8:09 – X: Come on out D3monic. I know you’re in the wall. We just want to talk to you.
I’m going to go to him, see what he wants. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Man, I’m fucking hungry, maybe I should go just to see if he has food. If this is the end of my update, he killed me. If not then I got away and well, updated. See you soon, hopefully.
I decided not to go to him, I snuck out the window on the back wall of the room the hole was in and ran as hard as I could. Obviously, I got away, but he did chase me for a bit. I lost him in Walmart. I booked it to the other side of the store going through a lot of isles and stuff and lost him somewhere around isle 7, the home repair isle. I grabbed a change of clothes and snuck to the front and, I stole the clothes. The alarm went off and I ran even harder. The women monitoring this saw me and started to chase but stopped at the edge of the parking lot.
So, let’s recap. Not only am I in danger of what seems to be a sketchy ass killer. But now I’m a fucking fugitive too, smart. Good going D3monic. But hey I also stole some scissors so maybe I could make myself look just different enough I could squat at a motel and he might not find me.
Update on journey to friend’s house so far. I made it about a mile from my house, so not well so far. Update on food. I grabbed some right before typing this. I might have to go back to my house to grab my parent’s money. I don’t want to see what X did to them.
2:00 PM
I entered my house about 10 minutes ago. My parents were mutilated, organs pulled out, it was horrifying. The one thing that made it worse was the word “The Fun-house awaits you” written on the wall in their blood.
I grabbed the money, threw up and ran out the back.
Messages for now.
1:30 – X: When I find you, you are going to be fucking destroyed.
1:31 – X: I do have to say nobody has ever made it this long from me.
Is this guy schizophrenic, maybe… MPD? Idk but he seems to be very weird with his messages.
2:30 PM
I went to the store again, I wanted to purchase some stuff for survival. I happened to scrounge up about $1k I found my dad’s money jar. So, I purchased some stuff and am going to go to the bank and take out my dad’s money. I remembered while I was at the house he put me on his account in case I needed money. He said to only use it in case of emergency. Coming to think about it he was probably in some sketchy shit. I’m going to go clear his account. Be back soon.
3:04 PM
Alright so I have officially gotten a fair amount of cash, my dad was a bitcoin miner so we were well off. In his account was about 10k, he won’t need it now. The bank employee obviously didn’t believe it, but she checked the registry and saw it.
Anyways I’m going to go to bed. I found another house to sleep at. What I’m going to do is cut my hair in the mirror then sleep.
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Getting Started

Hello! Welcome to our awesome /Dogecoin community!
Here you can find very useful information about Dogecoin, Cryptocurrency and more!
Let's start from the beginning.
What is cryptocurrency?
Probably you know Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin they are cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a blockchain-based digital asset that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.
How to start?
Here is a list of things:
Why? You need to store your dogecoins somewhere.
Types of wallets:
Paper wallet
*Instruction: *
Step 0. Follow the security checklist recommend
The first! The first step is to download this website from Github and open the index.html file directly from your computer. It's just too easy to sneak some evil code in the 6000+ lines of javascript to leak your private key, and you don't want to see your fund stolen. Code version makes make it much easier to cross-check what actuallrunruns. For extra security, unplug your Internet access while generating your wallet.
Step 1. Generate new address
Choose your currency and click on the "Generate new address" button.
Step 2. Print the Paper Wallet
Click the Paper Wallet tab and print the high-quality quality setting. Never save the page as a PDF file to print it later since a file is more likely to be hacked than a piece of paper.
Step 3. Fold the Paper Wallet
Fold your new Paper wallet following the lines. You can insert one side inside the other to lock the wallet.
Step 4. Share your public address
Use your public address to receive money from other crypto-currency users. You can share your public address as much as you want.
Step 5. Keep your private key secret
The private key is literally the keys to your coins, if someone was to obtain it, they could withdraw the funds currently in the wallet, and any funds that might be deposited in that wallet.
Light Wallet
WowDoge is a lightweight Doge Coin Wallet designed to end the frustrating waiting time downloading gigabytes blockchain! It was created with the intent and success of being exceedingly end-user friendly with a smooth interface. It's uncomplicated and easy to use, allowing fellow shibes to focus on what's important: TO THE MOON! New features will be added upon request! WowDoge is the free and open source! (MIT license)
Download: Windows
MultiDoge is a desktop Dogecoin client, powered by dogecoin. Ported from the MultiBit Bitcoin client. MultiDoge is a thin client Dogecoin wallet. It's a port of the MultiBit client for Bitcoin. The app is based on Dogecoin, which in turn is a port of BitCoinJ. You can find DogecoinJ at google. Langerhans posted all the needed changes for Dogecoin compatibility over. This program uses a special branch of it, which can be found at MultiDoge website.
Core Wallet Official Dogecoin Wallet
Cloud Wallet
Let me don't comment this
What do you need?
Ideally – cheap electricity and a bunch of graphics cards.
However, you can start mining Dogecoins even using a single PC. You can also mine without using a graphics card, although the progress will be slower. Mining for coins shouldn’t affect the performance of your computer on the default settings since it will only use computing or graphics power when the system is idle.
Mining for coins on a laptop is usually not worth it since it’s not powered on 24/7, the CPU/GPU power is lower, and there is a greater chance of stressing out the chips on the laptop since they’re usually packed into a tighter space, and consequently at more risk of overheating. But if you just want to mine a little bit to get a few coins to play around with, it can do the job.
How to start? Download CUDA miner and fill info inside the window.
MORE SOON! Leave a comment with questions and ideas
You know ;) DU8qXjqCQ4fkNXg2Pxw4KXYMMMXNQxpybE
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Huge Bisq/Bitsquare update - Check out v0.5.1

This release comes with tons of changes and improvements.
Please download at:
Most relevant changes are:
Please see the full release notes below.
As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions. It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version.
If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory. You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.
Please double check with cmd+e in the old application if no funds are left over (some bugs might have caused that the balance displayed in the UI is not correct).
Please use small amounts when starting trading in the new application as with so many changes there are some risks for bugs (though it is thoroughly tested).
Release notes:
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Social Send FAQ

Q. What is Social Send?
Social SEND is all about making financial transactions easy for everyone. SEND creates a simple and universal integration system with the end user experience in mind. Sending and receiving funds on any social network is achievable with only a novice level of expertise. It is so easy the user may not even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology. The Social SEND app will allow you to send funds to any friend over social networks (Example Facebook & twitter) by just using their username rather than a long wallet address.
As well as having an awesome dev team and fantastic community, the coin has many more great features:
To find out more please visit the website
Also Check out our ANN on Bitcoin chat
Join us on Discord !
Official twitter account
Github repository    
Q. Why should I invest in Social Send?
Social SEND is a fantastic coin and it has only just kicked off. Marketing has only just started and when there is an official working product this is going to be big! I would ask yourself why you haven’t invested already :) If you don’t believe us ask our fantastic community.    
Q. What is this Swap all about? How do I swap my PIEX coins?
Firstly, DO NOT buy any PIEX or PIE coins
Anything purchased after the 5th November 2017 (Snapshot date) will not qualify for the swap to SEND. SEND has originated from PIEX and has gone through a re-branding phase. If you had any PIEX on the 5th November in your wallet you can swap these to SEND coins. The swap process is very simple. Please contact any available Admin or Moderators on Discord. They will provide you with a form and instructions on what to do. They will validate your addresses and the number of coins from the 5th November. Please remember the swap is at a 4:1 ratio. Everything has been reduced at this ratio. So, if you had a MN at 25,000 PIEX coins you will now need 6,250 coins.    
Q. Where can I download the SEND wallet?
Please visit our website and go to the bottom of the page. There are many different types depending on your operating software.    
Q. Where can I buy SEND?
We are currently on the following exchanges (more to follow):
Q. How can I buy SEND?
Please watch this YouTube video from one of our community members on how to buy SEND on Crytopia:    
Q. When will the Social Send be ready?
We have a working prototype and are currently testing and adding additional features. In the current timeline our official release is at the end of March 2018 however it may come early for the community. We are currently working on a YouTube video to show you the prototype in action.    
Q. What is a Masternode (MN)?
Masternodes validate all transactions by communicating each transaction across all nodes on the network to prevent double spending. When private transactions are initiated, masternodes also perform the work necessary to make the transactions hard to trace.    
Q. How do I set up a MN?
You must have 6,250 SEND coins to have a masternode. Please follow these instructions provided by a community member on how to set one up…..    
Q. Why am I not getting any rewards from my MN?
There are a few reasons why you are not getting any rewards: First please be patient the first MN reward can take up 48 hours or sometimes more. It’s not set up correctly – have you followed the instructions correctly. Please check the setup details. If you are still having issues talk to people in the #masternode room on Discord. Someone will help you.    
Q. What is Staking?
Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age (i.e. the stake). In contrast, the algorithm of proof-of-work (PoW) based cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) rewards participants who solve complicated cryptographical puzzles in order to validate transactions and create new blocks (i.e. mining). By staking SEND you will receive rewards.    
Q. Why am I not getting any rewards from Staking?
There are a few reasons why you are not getting any rewards: Please be patient the fist staking reward can take several hours or days. It depends on how many coins you are staking. The higher the stake the more rewards you will receive. Please check your wallet is unlocked and you have followed the correct instructions. If you are still having issues talk to people in the #staking room on Discord. Someone will help you.    
Q. My wallet isn't updating?
First please check you have an up-to-date wallet. The wallets are on our website. If you get any issues on syncing, please add the nodes from debug console. Go to TOOLS TAB, click on DEBUG CONSOLE, copy and paste the each of the following nodes and hit enter:
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
If you still don't have any luck please come to #help on Discord.    
Q. Where can i check the Blockchain Explorer for SEND?
You can find the blockchain explorer at    
SEND Tip jar: SPMeWVR78GuCQJjSaNFc2BTicDdiwBM4Jr
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Bitventory: A simple, secure, auditable e-wallet service

Hey all,
Bitventory is a new online wallet service I've developed to help solve many of the problems with other e-wallets. The challenge I set out to solve is this: is it possible to design a wallet service where the operator has no control of the funds? Essentially, can you run a bank without holding any money?
Bitventory never solicits the user for private keys. Instead, all wallet operations requiring a private key are performed in-browser using a Java applet. When the site needs to expand the user's pool of public keys stored server-side, it asks the user to unlock their wallet and queries the applet for keys. Likewise, when the user wishes to send coins from the site, the transaction is built by the server-side transaction processor and is passed to the applet for signing.
The applet actually displays the payment recipient, the coins sent, fees, etc to the user after extracting them from the transaction itself. Thus, I as an evil service operator can't ask the user to sign a malicious transaction. The applet also verifies that the change address is owned by the user.
The applet source code is all free software, licensed under the GPLv3, and is available on Github. Beyond downloading the code, users can pull it, sign their own jar file, and then actually use their own audited code on the site. There are instructions for building and signing applets and configuring Java to use your own certificates. This way, I can't swap in malicious code. With other deterministic wallets, you're left to hope that the operator isn't changing the Javascript that you're being sent.
Speaking of deterministic wallets: Bitventory uses a hybrid approach to key generation. It's not entirely random, but it's also not derived from a simple password. A full description is on the site, but the gist is that a key is derived from an email, password, and a token derived from an initial randomly generated secret shared between us and the user. This seriously hampers any sort of dictionary attack on the chain, but still allows one serious advantage:
Your wallet can be generated at any time, given those three components: email, password, and the shared secret. We provide a free software wallet generator which can restore a user's wallet entirely in the official Bitcoin client. If we disappear tomorrow, or you simply wish to leave, there's an immediate exit strategy. No backups or anything are required. Simply remember your password, and store your secret in a secure location (preferably offline, on paper).
This is a project I've been working out in my head for a while, but which I've only recently allocated the time to build. I have the codebase stable, but there are misc quirks that I'm working out. For now, I'm only running a version of the wallet on the Bitcoin test network for users to try out and give feedback on. If you encounter any issues, please send me a bug report via email or reddit. I won't feel comfortable opening it for use on the production network until I start getting real feedback.
I've also slapped my personal identity all over this thing. The whois data, SSL certificate, etc. My name is Ken, and I'm a student in Albany, NY, and you can call me if you want. You might think the student label would be a reason not to use the service, but I designed it for that to be less important. I'm not a bank, and I don't have the massive team of developers and technical expertise of one. I've developed Bitventory so that I don't need to be trusted with your coins. Even assuming the site was compromised, your wallets would be safe.
Feel free to fire away with any questions. Also, I've created this account specifically because my main reddit account isn't attached to my real identity and I'd like to keep it that way. But if a mod would like, I can verify anything, including that I'm an active redditor.
Check out our testnet client here:
Send yourself some coins: Testnet Faucet
EDIT: As ripper2345 pointed out, the default jar has really awful permissions (it wants to be granted local file access). Unless you roll your own, you may want to avoid creating an account until I fix this. I should have it fixed shortly.
EDIT2: The applet should be sandboxed now. You may need to clear your Java applet cache, if you tried to use the previous version. Let me know if there are anymore concerns. I'll be here all day keeping an eye on things. :)
EDIT3: I've signed up for User Voice, so if you'd like to leave bug reports and feature requests:
Bugs and feedback here are fine, but anything involving future features and such should be sent to User Voice so I can have a record of what people most want. Thanks!
EDIT4: As requested, you can follow us for updates as we add new things, and for details on our upcoming launch on the production chain. I get annoyed with over-tweeting, so expect it to be really low traffic.!/bitventory
EDIT5: As requested, here's a Bitcoin address if you'd like to help fund development of the site (PM for a unique address):
EDIT6: After some helpful feedback today, I've made an update about upcoming changes and improvements. They're detailed in this post.
The particularly big change I'm looking at is a fix to eliminate server-side token generation in favor of a pure in-browser solution. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
EDIT7: I apparently pushed a broken update last night because of a small difference between my dev environment and this AMI which I've fixed. I saw that a few user accounts last night weren't able to try out the site, and should be good to go now.
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Huge Bisq/Bitsquare update - Check out v0.5.1

This release comes with tons of changes and improvements. Please download at:
Most relevant changes are:
Please see the full release notes below.
As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions. It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version. If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory. You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.
Please double check with cmd+e in the old application if no funds are left over (some bugs might have caused that the balance displayed in the UI is not correct).
Please use small amounts when starting trading in the new application as with so many changes there are some risks for bugs (though it is thoroughly tested).
Release notes:
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Huge Bisq/Bitsquare update - Check out v0.5.1

This release comes with tons of changes and improvements. Please download at:
Most relevant changes are:
Please see the full release notes below.
As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions. It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version. If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory. You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.
Please double check with cmd+e in the old application if no funds are left over (some bugs might have caused that the balance displayed in the UI is not correct).
Please use small amounts when starting trading in the new application as with so many changes there are some risks for bugs (though it is thoroughly tested).
Release notes:
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BIP39 Words list

Nothing special, just a copy of the current list (for the future) of what can be found at
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Please help me understand why a transaction didn't work.

I sent 0.001BTC from my CoinJar account to 1H8YqHN1H5dwrV5aL3SZJXmG57PxDWEJqN. I'm looking at the address on, and I'm also checking it with the Mycelium wallet. But it's been more than 4 hours now and bitcoins aren't there. CoinJar shows successful transaction in account details, I never had any problems with them before. Why the transaction didn't work?
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Security Update at Coinjar Bitcoin Exchange

A phishing website, "" and its variant "" (WARNING: visit at your own risk), have been brought to our attention. They have purchased Google AdWords ad placements diverting some unsuspecting customers to the site and we believe they are using details acquired to access user accounts. As a response to our first major phishing incident, we have introduced a new Multi-Factor Authentication system that is more user friendly and universally accessible. If you already have Two-Factor Authentication enabled before, your previous 2FA credentials would have been automatically migrated to the new MFA system. We strongly recommend everyone to take the time to set it up. Bitcoin transactions are designed to be irreversible so it's important to be more careful with account security.
CoinJar uses Extended Validation SSL certificates. Please ensure you only log in through or and check for a green address bar when you enter your password. If you have accidentally divulged your password to an attacker, please change your password immediately.
What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
Multi-Factor Authentication uses a points-based mechanism to authorise transactions. By verifying with different devices you have, combined with password-based login, you gain "security points" within the session. Verifications can be done by simply entering a verification code from an authenticator app, or receiving a text message. In the future, you will be able to fully customise security rules that require multiple devices to be verified at the same time for a transaction to occur. This will give CoinJar customers account protection and control even beyond bank-grade. We’ve outlined the steps for setting up Multi Factor Authentication on our blog. Make sure you take the time to set it up. It creates another layer of security that makes it hard for even the most experienced hacker to access your account.
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[Table] AMA: I'm an 18 year old and I just made my first million

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Date: 2014-04-08
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Where do you find your treasure? Do you go American pickers style to houses/yard sales/flea markets? You've made a mill doing this? Props brother! Yep, 1 million in 9 months, however, there was a bit of luck in it.
For the most part I would do exactly like American pickers and go to yard sales/the salvation army or even use Kijiji, i'd look for stuff that I could easily make money on (Best trick is to look for something you can double your money on), so for example: I would find an old fish tank, buy it for 30$, clean it, sell it for 60-80$.
I was doing this near 24/7, antiques aren't as profitable so eventually I moved onto paintings and misc items (Ex. furniture) although antiques played a crucial role.
Most notable items? 1859 brass coin - sold for 20k.
Picasso painting - Sold to private collector for 355k.
Those are the two biggest items I have sold, basically just pure luck, everything else I have sold has been below 2k.
You found a picasso? Whats the story on that find? Do you have a photo of the painting? I bought it at a police auction for 600$, and of course I have a photo! I'll upload it later tonight when I get back home to my laptop.
Who the hell just finds a freaking Picasso? Or a coin worth 20k, for that matter... And then how did you make another 600k? Do you know a lot about antiques/art/etc.? Did you work very long hours? Where do you live, that has so many antiquity sales going on? How did you start learning about all of this, and get to the point that you can buy someone and guess that it'll end up costing double what you bought it for? Have your parents helped/supported you in any way, during all of this? Have they asked you for any money, or have you considered giving them any? The other 600k was made right after the Picasso was found, since I now had 355k laying around I could buy more stuff, and as long as I doubled my money on that stuff, I hit 1 million in no time. But since it was 355k I could buy more expensive items (Ex. if I bought something for 400$ and sold it for 800$, I am that much closer)
I started learning about it from my family as thats what my grandfather does (He's a bit of a collector), but I got pretty good at guessing whether something will double my money or not by looking at the condition of the item, and then looking at other prices it has sold for on the internet -My parents havn't helped me at all, and havnt asked for any money, they are well off but if they asked I would give them some.
You actually found a Picasso in a yard sale in the middle of Canada? It was a police auction.
Tell us the story. Found anything you wanted to keep but didn't just for the sake of bussiness. I wanted to keep a couple of the paintings that I sold.
The capital? So Ottawa? What's the furthest you've traveled for a sale? Yep, furthest I went was Ottawa, unless you count that Picasso painting where I personally delivered it to the buyer in LA.
17 year old millionaire goes on a road trip with a very expensive Picasso painting from Canada to LA. Throw in some mushrooms or something and you could make your next million by selling the movie rights for that to Seth Rogen. Dibs on a executive producer credit. Lol, I didnt put it in the back of my car, the buyer had a police escort bring it from the border, I basically just tagged along.
How did you find the picasso? And what did you initially pay for it? You said you sold it for 335k. But i wanna lnow the profit of it to you. I paid 600$ for it at a local police auction, they had no idea what they even had.
Who says drug pushers cant have nice things?
When you buy stuff, how do you if you should buy it? How do you appraise it? In the US, most people selling stuff that might be valuable usually checked the internet and usually think their stuff in the condition they have it is worth top end money. For example, how did the 20K coin deal happen? How did you find it, how much did you pay for it, and were you afraid that you paid too much? Ex. when some people go to thrift stores they walk around with the item and scratch off the price sticker so that when they get to the cash, the clerks dont know how much they had it priced for, might get a better deal.
things that are not easy to google are also not easy for you to value on the go on your smartphone when you see the item... And for the coin, I basically just found that in a jar full of old coins that I bought for a couple hundred. it was a pretty big risk, but they were all old 1900s coins so I wasnt too sure. Thankfully the coin was in (What is known as) "fine" condition.
I mostly looked for simple items that I know people would buy (Ex. if it looks like it would be a great display piece, someone will buy it). if the price seemed a bit high, I would try and get it lowered If not, I'd just stick with stuff that I know I could sell for sure, but I took some risks with the pricing quite often though.
Ah, you got lucky. You also had a good eye, but that find was mostly luck. Probably not, that extra 355k allowed me to buy so many more items than before, I was able to buy so many more items that I could double my money on, skyrocketing my profit.
I don't mean to diminish what you've done, but let me ask you something: Without that find--without the money that came from that find--do you think you still would have been as successful? I'd probably be around 300-400k at this point, but even then.
Your experience dealing with other people. Do you take anyone with you when you go? Also if some of these (or all of these questions) have been answered, could you link one in the comment? Customers are usually pretty nice, I dealt with more "classy" people who actually follow through with the deals. (The less "Favorable" people don't want to buy paintings or artillery crates). but obviously some people are "no-shows". One of the reasons why I prefer to have people come to me to buy it, that way if they dont show up, its their loss and I didn't make any effort to go to some sort of fake address.
I take my girlfriend quite often when she is not busy with school.
How did you start this whole endeavor? What were the first couple items you started buying and selling? And how long did it take for you to reach 1k, 10k, or 100k, before the painting? Also, any college plans now Mr. Millionaire? 1k happened within a week, I originally started with 700$ or so, so it was a pretty good foot in the door, and then as I started to get more money the milestones just kept coming faster and faster.
I bought the painting when I had around 75k or so.
My college plans are pretty simple, I am going into "Pre-service firefighter training". I might also spend some of my money on some investment opportunities to broaden my options. (Im a big fan of fitness so I always liked the idea of my own gym, but who knows!)
Will you let it collect interest or will you look into investing it into sure things like mutual funds, google or microsoft? Mix of both, however, I'd rather invest into more physical assets than stuff like google or microsoft.
By that I mean, id rather own a whole business (Ex. I mentioned before I always wanted to have my own gym) and then once I pay it off, everything after is pure profit, sure its risky and might not work, but if I didnt take risks I wouldnt have a million in my bank account after only 9 months.
I almost asked why your computer's date was set for the fourth of July in the future, then I realized that it's set to yesterday's date. Oh Canada. I'd rather torch biebers old house lmao.
As for my question; now that you've got money do you plan on doing anything fun with some of it? Travel? Buy an outlandish car? Buy Justin Bieber's childhood home? But if I were to buy a car it would be a Lamborghini, not now, but in the future when the Aventador isnt so expensive.
Toe est quebecois? I dont speak french :(
Where do you do most of your selling? Craigslist? Ebay? Elsewhere? Kijiji (My local version of craigslist)
What objects/stuff did you find most profitable to buy cheap and sell for more? What was your best sell (compared to buying price)? And how often did you do bad investments (if you did)? Damn, I wish I had your initiative man. Anything that had history to it was easy to sell (Ex. I once bought a WWII ammo box and sold it within 2 hours)
Sometimes I'd be a bit unsavory and make up some back story to help push a sale.
And I never really had any bad investments because I either still have the item or sold it for just a little bit more than I paid (if I was dumb enough to buy something that couldn't make me a ton of profit, someone else would too)
I'm 21 and trying to raise 7000 to go to a tech school here in the states. I've thought about doing this as a sort of pipe dream. What capital did you have to start with, and what would you recommend flipping that I could do on the side? I started with around 700$ or so, I recommend that you start with small stuff, that you know is a sure thing, ex. go to your local thrift shop and buy a bunch of stuff that you know you can double your money on.
Ex. When I first started, I bought a vase for 5$, sold it for 20$, it may not seem like much but I quadrupled my money on it, extra 15$ to buy another, more expensive item, or more lower priced items.
Then after, just sell it online, I dont know if the US has a system similar to us here in Canada (Kijiji) or if its just ebay and craigslist. But either way, it'll be your most useful tool.
Hey, can you buy me an Xbox One? Nah, PS4 is better.
Not to call bullshit on you, but plenty of redditor frauds have been caught not doing it for the karma. Have you any other proof? Sure, what other kind of proof would you like? I have no idea what else I can use as proof though.
I demand one of those pictures of you on a bed with a bunch of cash, maybe some guns and gold chains. Oh and 100,000 dollars in bitcoins. You can PM me for my wallet. Ill give it back after. Going to be honest, I actually did take one of those photos back when I sold that painting, I'd post it but I sent it to my girlfriend (hint, wink)
What do you want to do with your life? And how do you hope to spend your money? I might just have to start looking through yard sells now haha, I'd kill for that kinda cash! Edit: I just noticed everyone's asking you to buy stuff haha, sorry man ): good thing you used a throwaway! I want to be a firefighter. And for the money, Im just going to keep it for now, think about what I want to do.
As a college grad, why go to college? You seem to have some pretty good life and trade skills already. Please don't tell me you want to get a business degree. Nope, im more interested in Pre-Service Firefighter Training, its only 1 year, but who knows what I will do after.
I'm beyond jealous, wow. 17 years old and I've never even dreamed of having that much money, it's never seemed remotely possible to me. Good for you, that must be a fantastic feeling. What do you plan on doing with it? Dude, if I can do it, you can too! Sure I may have had some extremely good luck, but even if I didnt, id still have alot.
I started when I was 17 and a half and now im 18 and have a million.
You don't know how great it felt to deposit that last bit into my account and see it jump form 6 figures, to 7... but if you try your hardest, put in the effort, you might know that feeling. Anything is possible and this is proof, you can do it!
What makes you think this is only your first million? I doubt ill be putting that much effort into it in the future (As I will be in college), but you can do alot of stuff with a million dollars, so who knows.
I imagine you are being careful with the money until you know what you want to do with it. But do you notice your sudden fortune changing your lifestyle at all? Not really, I am still extremely frugal and look for deals in the flyers and what not.
If you made $1M in 10 months why not do this for 10 more years and retire. Finding a job that pays you $1.2M per year is impossible outside the financial sector. Well as I mentioned in another comment, this was pretty much just pure luck, I came across a painting that I thought looked pretty unique (And had a signature) so I had it appraised and the next thing I know Im almost halfway there.
Had it not been for that painting I would be nowhere near a millionaire yet, since most of the stuff I sell is below 1k.
I'd love to do it as a full-time job but its not what I want to do in life + the business is unpredictable and im not always going to be selling 1k items.
My husband and I are sitting on an early painting done by Jackson Pollock that his grandfather gave to us. We can't afford to get it appraised though... whenever someone sees the signature they suddenly want 5,000 at the least to do the work. Just keep looking around for a really cheap appraisal, that 5000$ might be nothing compared to what its worth.
It takes 5 seconds and really basic HTML knowledge to be able to edit this in the browser.. EDIT: Oh look, I'm suddenly a billionaire.. I just sold 100 picassos.. AMA. You have a good point, but what would be the point in me doing this on a throwaway in a self-post?
At 25 years old with a house I own going to shit and regular adult debt: fuck you. Kidding. Congrats but those were my initial thoughts. Best of luck to your continued success. Dont worry, you can change any situation your in.
Also, if there are any "tricks of the trade" you can give, perhaps tips on how to find items, what to look for, what to pass up on, and how to sell, I'd appreciate it.
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Coinbase - How to Find your Bitcoin wallet address - YouTube Bitcoin address , How to earn free bitcoin - YouTube Bitcoin Address CraCker To PrivateKey 2020 - YouTube How to Trace a Bitcoin Transaction using a Bitcoin ... How to get a Bitcoin Wallet Address - FREE & in under a ...

To receive payments from external wallets, you can view your receiving address within your CoinJar. This is a unique code that can be shared with anyone in the world, and any funds of that digital currency type sent to this address will be added to your CoinJar. Of course, others can also provide you with their own receiving address for you to make a payment to their non-CoinJar wallet. What you need to know to start using your Blockchain wallet To log into your wallet you need your Wallet ID, your password, and any two-step verification that you have enabled. Your Wallet ID is a string of random letters and numbers that acts as a username. You can find it by navigating to the Wallet Information sect First Step : Check How Much Bitcoin Cash You Have Write your wallet address to see how much bitcoin cash available on it. click on search, you will see 2 results. one for Bitcoin and other for Bitcoin Cash. from Bitcoin Cash results, click on Bitcoin Cash Address to see details about your wallet. Total unspent (balance) 0.03981931 BCC* Second Step : Claim Your Bitcoin Cash Balance You will ... CoinJar is a digital currency platform that lets you buy, sell, spend and trade your cryptocurrency. Open a CoinJar today. ... Amazing app! I was able to sign up, verify my I’d documents and transfer money through Osko and then buy bitcoin under 5 min! Finally - a user intuitive app. Intuitive, well designed and laid out, simple to use and user friendly. Thanks. Awesome & much needed update ... Check Bitcoin Address 1Jar1AX9qheRsnkJZfKjAn8bSYq4NS2c3X for scam, abuses, forum profiles, OTC and other mentions on the internet.

[index] [9827] [5869] [33366] [46285] [43129] [37043] [19446] [49591] [21188] [16894]

Coinbase - How to Find your Bitcoin wallet address - YouTube

This is for kids who are new to Bitcoins and want to see how it works but don't have money to invest. simply eik eik step, bitcoin address k sath , how to ea... The websites visited in this video were: If you want to find out more about the tools we have for cryptocurrency investors in our Masters area, see video here: Also try: ... The Crypto Dad shows you how to trace a Bitcoin transaction. Important software used is: Electrum bitcoin wallet: The Blockchain e... Obviously to have a Bitcoin address you first need a Bitcoin wallet, and if you check my videos here you will see that I have put up one on the subject of choosing such a wallet. https://www ...